To choose which ones will be printed, each school will vote on the other schools’ posters. You should vote to decide what you think is the best poster. Your class should choose the top three from each school. 

It might help to score each criterion. If each criterion has a maximum score of four points, then you can add up the scores to see which ones meet the criteria best, out of twenty points. There are lots to judge from, so think carefully about the criteria when making your decision. You can do this individually, in pairs, groups or as a class. You can talk about the best way to decide.

You should use the following criteria to decide on the best posters.

1. It is a good philosophical question.
(Remember, we spoke about what makes a good philosophical question).

2. The image works well with the question.

3. The image is clear.

4. The poster will look good on a wall or as a postcard.

5. The poster will make people think and talk philosophically.