Wee question , big think was a school project done in conjunction with Claire Cassidy from Strathclyde Uni and part-funded by the Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow. The project involved children who regularly practise Community of Philosophical Inquiry. Claire and I spent a day with each class doing some philosophical inquiry, talking about what makes a good philosophical question, and what makes a good poster. The children then created their own posters from questions they found interesting. The used cut and torn paper to make two colour collages. Four designs were selected to be made into risograph posters but all the children work was compiled in a book.

There were many children involved in producing the posters in the book. Some worked in pairs and others worked individually. All worked enthusiastically to share their ideas. I can only show a few here but the children are acknowledged here with the others in their class.

Anderston Primary School

Aidan, Aliyah, Arush, Ayaan, Bahar, Daniella, Divyam, Emily, Ethan, Faten, Hunter, Jood, Mohammed Ali, Poorvi, Raghad, Sahasra, Shahad, Sophie, Weston, Wilf, Yahya, Zayan and Zia

Robert Smillie Memorial Primary School

Cameron, Cassie, Ciaran, Daniel, Derrin, Devyn, Dylan, Emily, Jacob, Julia, Kaiden, Kayla, Kelsi, Kenzie, Kieran, Kyle, Layla, Leah, Lewis, Lexi B, Lexi C, Lily, Mari-Anne, Peyton, Regan, Ross, Samuel, Sean, Sophie, Taylor and William

Royston Primary School

Absiye, Alaa, Amir, Ashraf, Chris, David, Delina, Hayley, Ivan, Jamieson, Kalid, Leslinda, Michaela, Mustafa, Nuhas, Peytros, Sophie B, Sophie P, Tinisha, Wendy and Zoe

Sandwood Primary School

Alfie, Ava, Caitlynn, Cayden, Charlie, Darcy, Ebony, Elena, Elise, Grace K, Grace Y, Harry, James, Karis, Kayden, Louise, Max, Muaze, Muslim, Navdip, Olly, Rebekah, Rey, Roxi, Sophie, Tapashya, Thomas, Violet, Zoe and Zoey